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Dr. Silvestri wants you to be completely satisfied with your orthotics, that is why it is very important to see you in two (2) weeks after receiving your new orthotics. Orthotic adjustment can be made at this time at no cost to you. If however, you cancel the recheck appointment, and are seen after this two (2) weeks grace period, you will be responsible for all charges incurred for such adjustment .

Did you know that your orthotics , as well as your feet , should be examined at regular intervals, even if they are comfortable? This is especially true for diabetics and people with impaired circulation.

Your orthotics have an important job to do. They must help your feet function properly, so you can be pain-free and comfortable.

However, orthotics (and feet) change as time goes by. You may not notice these changes, but if your orthotics are not maintained they can lead to difficulties with foot function. We can detect these changes and avoid possible problems before they start.

If your orthotics haven’t been checked in the last year it’s time for us to check them and your feet for signs of excessive wear. We’ll make sure they fit correctly and advise you if you need to have them modified, repaired or replaced. We’ll discuss with you any problems or changes you may be experiencing.

Our comprehensive orthotic check-up includes:

  • Complete evaluation of your feet

  • Orthotic wear pattern evaluation (Evaluation for wear that could affect function)

  • Evaluation of how well your orthotics conform to your feet (orthotics can flatten over time which reduces their ability to support your foot correctly)

  • Check that they provide proper biomechanical function to best help your symptoms

  • Inspection of orthotic modifications (covers, cushions and pads)

  • Evaluation of whether orthotics fit properly into your shoes

  • Evaluation of your shoes and recommendations on proper shoes

Most of the time we can repair and update your orthotics right in our office. Occasionally we will recommend sending them out for a complete refurbishment. And sometimes we will recommend that it is time for a new pair of orthotics.

If you would like specialty orthotics, to fit into dress shoes, sandals or ski boots for example, we can discuss that too.

Remember to treat your orthotics well, because they’re really part of your feet. Make an appointment today for your orthotic check up. Be sure to bring samples of your shoes with you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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